The Las Vegas Roundup was started by a group of local AA’s and Al Anon’s to show that sobriety can be fun.  While the principle purpose of the Las Vegas Roundup was not fundraising, excess revenue from successful Roundups was divided amongst various AA and Al Anon entities in Nevada.  More recently the 7th Tradition donations from the Marathon meetings have be given to the Las Vegas Central Office

In the past 54 years we have been able to bring the fellowship tothousands of alcoholics and to show that we are indeed...“Not a glum lot!”


President - Edie D.                                    Chair - David J.

Co-Chair - Janell O.                                  Secretary - Elizabeth O.

Treasurer - Alesia  R. Maureen A.            Registration - Carmen W. Sway D.

Marketing & Communications - Sway D.       Zoom - Alfredo M. /  Katie L. /  Kimberly T.

Webmaster - Keegan D.                             LVYPAA - Ehlias K.

Speakers - David G. / Greg L.                     Marathon - Heather M. / Alan B. 

Memorabilia - Jake G.                               Grapevine - April / Richard W.

Alanon - Donna A.                                    Walk-Run Facilitator - Steve L.

Carry the Message - Debra S.                     Voice of the Roundup - Vicki M.

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