Marathon Meetings

ZOOM ID: 847 6472 6492 PW: Sober2020

Thursday, November 26th 2020

3pm       Group: LAS VEGAS ROUNDUP COMMITTEE                           Topic: LET GO AND LET GOD

4pm       Group: ZOOMintoAA                                                                    Topic: GRATITUDE

5pm       Group: US VETS BIG BOOK STUDY                                          Topic: 2ND STEP

6pm       Group: BEGINNING THE AA WAY OF LIFE                                Topic: FIRST YEAR IN SOBRIETY

7pm       Group: FRESH START II                                                                Topic: AA WAY OF LIFE


9pm       Group: VEGAS GROUP                                                                Topic: 3RD STEP

10pm    Group: WING IT GROUP                                                               Topic: WE STOOD AT THE TURNING POINT

11pm    Group: LA LOUISIANNE                                                                  Topic: 10TH STEP

Friday, November 27th

12am     Group: SRS                                                                                       Topic: 3rd TRADITION

1am       Group: 51 CLUB                                                                                Topic:

2am       Group:  ZOOMintoAA                                                                      Topic: WILLINGNESS

3am       Group: MAX’S WORMS                                                                  Topic: DAILY REPRIEVE

4am       Group:  ZOOMintoAA                                                                    Topic: OPEN

5am       Group:  SUNRISE GROUP                                                             Topic: GOING TO ANY LENGTH

6am       Group: CHOICES                                                                             Topic: GRATITUDE

7am       Group: WE ARE NOT SAINTS                                                        Topic: UNITY, RECOVERY, SERVICE

8am       Group: AA IN THE AM                                                                     Topic: EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH, HOPE

9am       Group: WELCOME HOME GROUP                                               Topic: THE BIG BOOK

10am     Group: THURSDAY NIGHT THUMPERS(TNT)                             Topic: 4TH STEP

11am     Group: QUARANTINED                                                                    Topic: AA IN YOUR LIFE

Noon     Group: HIGH NOON GAMBLE                                                        Topic: THREE PERTINENT IDEAS

1pm       Group: HAPPY HOUR GROUP                                                        Topic: THE PROMISES

2pm       Group: BEER 30 GVG                                                                      Topic: THE NEWCOMER

3pm       Group: STOOD AT THE TURNING POINT                                    Topic: MOMENT OF CLARITY

4pm       Group: ZOOMintoAA                                                                       Topic: 1ST STEP

5pm       Group: MISFITS                                                                                Topic: SEX

6pm       Group: FLOATING BIG BOOK                                                        Topic: A VISION FOR YOU

7pm       Group: DO OR DIE GROUP                                                             Topic: 7TH STEP

8pm       Group: QUALITY AIR                                                                         Topic: MORE ABOUT ALCOHOLISM

9pm       Group: SUNKISS GROUP                                                                 Topic: GOD AS I UNDERSTAND HIM

10pm    Group: SOUL PURPOSE                                                                    Topic: 12TH STEP

11pm    Group: ZOOM INTO AA                                                                       Topic: RELATIONSHIPS IN RECOVERY

Saturday, November 28th

12am     Group: TAKING IT TO THE STREETS                                                            Topic: HUMILITY

1am       Group: JAYWALKERS RETREAT                                                                     Topic: 11TH STEP

2am       Group:              AVAILABLE                                                                              Topic: OPEN DISCUSSION

3am       Group:              AVAILABLE                                                                              Topic: HONESTY

4am       Group: QUIT PLAYING GOD                                                                           Topic: ONE DAY AT A TIME

5am       Group: HEALING ROOM                                                                                  Topic: GRATITUDE

6am       Group:  THE GRADUATES                                                                              Topic: THE 24 HOURS

7am       Group: ZOOMintoAA                                                                                        Topic: SELF-CENTEREDNESS

8am       Group: FIRST 164                                                                                             Topic: FIRST 164

9am       Group: ONE RULE GROUP                                                                             Topic: DON’T DRINK, NO MATTER WHAT

10am     Group: GUIDE TO 12 STEPS                                                                          Topic: HOW IT WORKS

11am     Group: FIRST BREW                                                                                         Topic: LIVING IN SOBRIETY

Noon     Group: DIRT BAGS                                                                                           Topic: LIVING OUTSIDE THE ROOMS

1pm       Group: WE CARE HOUSE                                                                               Topic: ACCEPTANCE

2pm       Group: ZOOM INTO AA                                                                                  Topic: WHAT IT WAS LIKE,

                                                                                                                                         WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT IT’S LIKE NOW

3pm       Group: ZOOMintoAA                                                                                       Topic: RULE 62

4pm       Group: HOW IT WORKS                                                                                 Topic: A HOME GROUP

5pm       Group: MEN’S RETREAT                                                                                Topic: PEOPLE WHO WOULD NOT MIX

6pm       Group: YOU PEOPLE                                                                                      Topic: OBSESSION

7pm       Group: COMPTON INTERGROUP                                                                Topic: SPONSORSHIP

8pm       Group: CRUSHED GRAPES                                                                           Topic: OPEN-MINDEDNESS

9pm       Group: NEW COMERS MEETING                                                                 Topic: 1ST STEP

10pm    Group: DELIVER US FROM EGO                                                                   Topic: SUNLIGHT OF THE SPIRIT

11pm    Group: H & I                                                                                                       Topic: CARRY THE MESSAGE

Sunday, November 29th


12am     Group:  TO BE NAMED LATER                                                      Topic: ONE DAY AT A TIME

1am       Group: AVAILABLE                                                                          Topic: OPEN

2am       Group: AVAILABLE                                                                         Topic: OPEN

3am       Group: AVAILABLE                                                                         Topic: OPEN

4am       Group: AVAILABLE                                                                         Topic: OPEN

5am       Group: SUNDAY 12 & 12                                                                 Topic: OPEN

6am       Group: ABC GROUP                                                                      Topic: PRINCIPLES BEFORE PERSONALITIES

7am       Group: SERENITY IN THE AFTERNOON                                     Topic: TERROR, BEWILDERMENT, FRUSTRATION             

8am       Group: SEARCHLIGHT GROUP                                                    Topic: ENJOYING THE AA WAY OF LIFE